Gabrielle Santiago

Writer. Speaker. Jesus lover.

Gabrielle Santiago is a writer and speaker whose heart is to know Jesus and make Him known. She is the founder of Living Revelations where she helps others find God real in everyday life through blogs, podcasts, media, and online Bible studies. Her writings have reached thousands of people worldwide.

She has learned how to cultivate a thriving relationship with God that has transformed her life, and she wants to help others do the same. She works alongside her husband, Michael Santiago, to help others live out their God-given potential.

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The single season doesn’t have to be a time of emptiness and fear. It can be a fulfilling one as we embrace our relationship with God. Learn from Gabrielle’s journey, from relying on men for her life and identity to relying on Jesus and walking away from the fear of singleness. You will learn how to embrace your single season with boldness as you embrace your relationship with God. Through this book, you will learn what it means to have a relationship with God and to thrive in your single season.

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